Luka Bojanić

''I started my journey as a sailor and today I am the base manager of Ace Yachting. Years.

Luka Bojanić


Marko Jocić

''When I was a kid, I always loved to take things apart. I was interested in how they.

Marko Jocić


Sara Marija Jambrek

As a young, inquisitive and adventurous person, I decided to enter the world of nautical industry. While sailing.

Borno Mostafa

''I was raised in a Croatian-Syrian family in city of Split. I think that combination of my parents.

Levente Sipos

''As founder and co-CEO of Ace, it is obvious that I have close connection to sea. I'm happy to be.

Jelena Jakus

''Sea.'' I grew up with it and all the fondest memories of my early childhood are tied to.