Setting Sail in Luxury: Discover the Mazarin 55

Welcome aboard the Mazarin 55, where luxury meets adventure on the shimmering waters of Croatia’s Adriatic coast. Join us on a virtual voyage as we unveil the splendor of this newly built catamaran, poised to redefine luxury yachting in the summer of 2024.

From its elegant design to its top-notch amenities, this luxury crewed catamaran promises an unforgettable journey for discerning travelers seeking the ultimate escape at sea.

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Escape to Serenity

Discover the Ultimate Women’s Sailing Retreat Can sailing become a spiritual journey, guiding us towards self-discovery, inner peace, and a deeper connection with the elements? Explore the transformative power of the open sea and embark on a voyage of the soul. Here are some reasons why sailing retreat is good for you. Explore the spiritual […]

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Croatia Sailing Giveaway

Embark on the Ultimate Sailing Adventure Giveaway! Ahoy, adventure seekers! We’re thrilled to announce a giveaway that will sweep you off your feet and set sail to the breathtaking shores of Croatia! Get ready for a maritime experience like no other, as we present our exclusive sailing holiday giveaway with fantastic prizes that will make […]

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Biograd Boat Show – A Must See Event

Boat shows bring together industry professionals, including boat builders, brokers, dealers, and suppliers. This fosters networking opportunities and helps build important business relationships. Biograd Boat Show was traditionally held in Marina Kornati in Biograd, one of the three largest marinas on the Adriatic, from October 25. – October 29., 2023.At the 25th Biograd Boat Show, […]

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Sailing in the Adriatic Sea in April

A sailing trip in the Adriatic in April is a unique and delightful experience for several reasons: Mild weather: April marks the beginning of the sailing season in the Adriatic. While the weather can be somewhat unpredictable at the beginning of the month, it becomes more stable and pleasant as April progresses. Expect milder temperatures […]

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Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

We are just days away from the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023, the highly anticipated international boat show that will take place between the Vieux Port and Port Canto from September 12-17. Since the first event in 1977, thousands of yachts have entered and left the harbour over the past 40 years to be admired by […]

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