The Smart Way To Own Your Yacht

Yacht Investment - Is It An Option Also For You?

1. Yacht Charter Investment

 Investing in yachts offers a unique blend of luxury and financial gain. As the demand for exclusive travel experiences grows, so does the potential for a lucrative return on your investment. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or exploring new opportunities, yacht charter investment provides a compelling avenue for both financial success and unforgettable experiences.

2. Where to Begin?

Owning a boat isn’t just a luxury; it’s a strategic investment in leisure and lifestyle. Explore offered range of meticulously maintained boats or new boats available for purchasing,  that promise not only seafaring excellence, but also a wise investment for the future.

3. Why Invest in Boats:

Investing in boats transcends the traditional investment landscape. It’s not just about financial returns; it’s about indulging in the luxury of life on the water. Boats represent an asset class that combines passion with profit, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a unique and rewarding investment.

4. Importance of Professional Boat Maintenance

Ensure the longevity and performance of your investment with our professional boat maintenance services. From routine check-ups to meticulous repairs, our experienced team ensures that your boat stays in pristine condition. Professional boat maintenance is not just a service; it’s a commitment to safeguarding your investment and ensuring a worry-free seafaring experience.

5. How to Calculate Income from Yacht Charter

Navigate the waters of income calculation with our expert guidance. We provide insights and tools to help you accurately assess the potential returns from your yacht charter investment. Understanding the key factors that influence income is crucial, and our team is here to guide you through the process.

6. Including Boat Sale in Income

Maximize your returns by strategically including boat sales in your income portfolio. Our experts can assist you in seamlessly integrating boat sales into your financial strategy, ensuring that every aspect of your investment contributes to your overall success.

7. Marina Baotić – Your Ideal Yacht Charter Location

Nestled near the historic town of Trogir, Croatia, Marina Baotić offers the perfect setting for your yacht charter endeavors. With its stunning landscapes, convenient access to popular destinations, and world-class facilities, Marina Baotić stands as an ideal choice for those seeking a premier location for their yacht charter business.

8. ACE Yachting – Your Trustworthy Business Partner

Choose ACE Yachting for a dynamic partnership that combines youthful enthusiasm with seasoned expertise. Our team, though young, boasts a wealth of experience in the yacht charter industry. Trust us as your business partner, and let our passion for the seas drive your success. We are committed to excellence, innovation, and delivering unparalleled value to our partners.

Yacht Management Models: Navigating Your Investment with Expertise

For boat owners seeking a seamless and profitable venture, yacht management  offer a strategic approach to optimize their investment.


At ACE Yachting, we understand the intricacies of yacht management and provide tailored solutions for boat owners looking to elevate their experience on the water.

1. ACE Own and Operate:

Experience the Yacht Management on Your Terms
For those who relish the captain’s chair, the ” ACE Own and Operate” model allows you to maintain full control of your yacht. Enjoy the freedom to set sail whenever you desire while still exploring the option of chartering your yacht during periods of non-use. This is usually applicable for crewed yachts and boat owners who employ their own crew and enjoy spending time on their yacht.

2.Stay ACTIVE with ACE:

Maximize Returns with Professional Management
Opt for our “Stay ACTIVE with ACE” model and let us take the helm of your investment. Our experienced team handles all aspects of charter operations, from marketing and bookings to maintenance and crew management. This model ensures that your yacht is not just a possession but a lucrative asset.

3. Stay ANCHORED with ACE –  Fixed Income Program:

Steady Returns, Minimal Effort
Explore our “Stay ANCHORED with ACE” where you receive a predictable income stream while we manage the chartering process. This model provides stability and peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of yacht ownership without the day-to-day involvement.

4. Yacht Sales and Purchase Assistance with ACE:

Seamless Transactions for Your Next Adventure
Looking to buy or sell a yacht? Our comprehensive “Yacht Sales and Purchase Assistance” service ensures a smooth transition. Benefit from our market insights, negotiation skills, and a network of potential buyers or sellers to make informed decisions.

5. ACE Customized Management Plans:

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs
Recognizing that every owner has unique preferences and objectives, we offer “ACE Customized Management Plans” to align with your specific requirements. Whether it’s a focus on luxury chartering, private use, or a blend of both, we create a plan that suits your lifestyle and financial goals.

Why Choose ACE Yachting?

Expertise Meets Passion
At ACE Yachting – we blend industry expertise with a genuine passion for the sea. Our commitment to excellence, transparent communication, and a client-centric approach make us the ideal partner

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Investment

Discover the myriad possibilities that yacht ownership holds with ACE Yachting. Whether you choose to sail the seas yourself or entrust your boat to our experienced team, we’re dedicated to ensuring that your boat becomes a source of joy, adventure, and financial success.
Contact us today to explore the yacht management models that align with your vision.




    • Up to 8 weeks of Owners usage
    • All yacht costs are covered
    • Yearly income up to 9% of the investment for up to 5 years of charter management

    When you have the chance to fully finance your yacht, this model gives you the chance to use your yacht for up to 8 weeks of holidays per year, having all the costs of the yacht covered and still receive income up to 9% of the investment each year for a period up to 5 years.

Stay ACTIVE with ACE


  • Annual income based on booking performance
  • Monthly Costs and Income Reports
  • Participation in yacht maintenance decisions 

This program gives you the chance to make a full price payment of the yacht that you choose or partial payment with rest financed by the boat income. You receive flexible annual income based on booking performance and maintenance costs of the yacht.

ACE Boat Owners Club

A complete suite of services and benefits including exclusive discounts and special offers, marina reservation and information, trip planning tools and popular itineraries along with two complimentary ticket to major boat shows in Croatia or Europe.

  1. Yachts are fueled and ready for you to come on board
  2. Technical Staff is always there to assist you
  3. Safe: we teach you to operate your boat
  4. Invitations to exclusive Owners’ Club events
  5. Complimentary tickets to major international boat shows, subject to availability
  6. Get a taste of unique wines and cigars.
  7. Get a table at the most exclusive restaurants without waiting
  8. Have your storage place in Marina Baotić for Personal Things
  9. Have your safe parking place in Marina Baotić

We are there for you 24/7; should you need crew, concierge services, catering, advice on buying or selling, emergency service and more.


Contact us for more details and how to be a part of this exclusive service: hello@ace-yachting.com

Services focused on Sustainability

Frequently asked questions

For more important information, please contact us by email: hello@ace-yachting.com

Buying your first yacht has the potential to be daunting, especially given the wide choice of models,
sizes, ages and styles of craft available. However, a cool-headed and analytical approach will
enable you to narrow the choices down to a sensible short list, and you should be able to choose your
first yacht in no time at all. Most important question is: What is your budget and what are your expectations?
It is a rather simple and complicated question and that is why free consulting from our side can be very useful.
Send us an e-mail and we will guide you and answer all of your questions.

When comparing new and used boats, one is not better than the other,
but each offers benefits that the other does not. Used boats have lower price and lower charter income, but many sailors are keen to charter older, but well maintained boat with good sailing performance rather than new one and we saw many owners having good profit from older boats as well. New boats are more expensive,
especially when bought at the wrong time, but they usually return the investment in 5-7 years of charter.

Yachts vary enormously in price, depending on the boat’s size and age.
When purchasing a yacht one should take care in reviewing the terms and conditions of the contract.
This includes ensuring that the specification is sufficiently detailed and delivery of the yacht is suitably defined and provided for.
On top of the asking price and packages offered by yacht dealers, new yacht owners will also have to consider the costs of fuel,
maintenance and mooring. Those costs can be really high, so giving it to yacht charter management can be a good solution for that. Read more on our website.

Depending on your investing plan and charter program, but basically you can collect your yacht and use her privately,
sell it or find another charter company who doesn’t mind having older boats in their fleet.

From assisting in buying the right yacht model for yacht owners, to technical preventive maintenance and accounting,
We manage all elements of operational support. Our experience in the yachting industry can guide you through your yacht investment process.
We are here for strategy, marketing, organization, operations, finances, advanced analytics and guidance with our experience and individual approach.

Depending on your yacht management agreement with us, as a charter company,
you can use your yacht in the pre-season or post-season or during the high season which usually affects your net income.
If having a well-maintained yacht, secured berth and enough income to cover your operational costs, using your boat during high season is good option, but if you are looking to have more income from the charter season, you should use it when the boat is not booked (usually 1 week notice or so) or during the low season. We have several yacht calculation examples
showing how owner usage is affecting their income. Contact us for more information.

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19:43 06 May 24
What a wonderful weekend we experienced with "ACE Yachting" in the hike & sail tour!!!Beautiful weather and sea, hidden and secret coves, with divine food and wine. We hiked through hidden and abandoned villages on the southern slope of the island of Brač. Thanks to the top crew on our sailboat. You fulfilled our dreams ❤️😘!
Tadej KaltnekarTadej Kaltnekar
13:48 27 Sep 23
Andrej UrsicAndrej Ursic
13:45 27 Sep 23
Excellent service, top reception. Very kind
Ken ReadKen Read
07:05 09 Sep 23
The personal and the boat was perfect,everything on the boat was perfectly in shape.Nice experience!
David ValovyDavid Valovy
06:47 09 Sep 23
Perfect service, perfect company, good condition of boats
Aidan BellAidan Bell
11:33 06 Sep 23
Great organisation, lovely boat and a fantastic skipper. A sunny trip around the islands
Jakob BuchingerJakob Buchinger
07:37 02 Sep 23
Filip SchubertFilip Schubert
06:37 02 Sep 23
Great time with Ace yachting. Helpful staff. Excellent holiday charter!!
Karolina DomarosKarolina Domaros
07:59 19 Aug 23
We had an amazing experience! Everything went very smooth and without any problems! Would highly recommend
Ingo WidowitzIngo Widowitz
06:38 19 Aug 23
Very very good service. Nice personel and the boats are in good conditions. 👍👍
Serena FioravantiSerena Fioravanti
08:02 05 Aug 23
Great vacation, definitely to repeat. All worked well. Good support from the agency and the staff. Thank you all!!!
Fredrik HammarströmFredrik Hammarström
06:33 22 Jul 23
Friendliest staff and best service we experienced during our stay in Croatia.
10:38 18 Jul 23
I charter for 12 years and this is really one of the best charter companies around split.Professional staff and helpful!Boats are in amazing shape!
Ivana JahodaIvana Jahoda
14:25 26 Jun 23
Best Charter so far.. Great staff, beautiful clean boats.. Just perfect! Keep up the good work guys 😉
Nicole MenhornNicole Menhorn
08:02 10 Jun 23
Had a really good experience with ACE Yachting. Very friendly and competent staff. The Catamaran we chartered was in great shape and the service was perfect.
Zoran JovanovićZoran Jovanović
16:54 03 Nov 22
ACE Yachting team. A wonderful team of young people, sea and sailing lovers, and, most important for us as users of ACE Yachting services, lovers of their work. They made our stay on their 15-meter sailboat unforgettable.

We can't wait to make your Croatian holiday unforgettable aboard our boats

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