The Importance of Professional Boat Maintenance with ACE Yachting

Why Boat Maintenance Matters: Ensuring Smooth Sailing for Your Investment

Owning a boat is not just a pastime; it’s an investment in moments of serenity, adventure, and maritime luxury. To safeguard this investment, meticulous boat maintenance is paramount. Regular upkeep not only ensures the longevity and performance of your boat but also contributes to a worry-free and enjoyable seafaring experience.

Why Boat Maintenance is Crucial

Boats, regardless of their size or type, are exposed to the elements and constant wear. Saltwater, sun, and wind can take a toll on the hull, engine, and various components. Regular maintenance addresses potential issues before they escalate, preventing costly repairs and extending the life of your boat. It’s the key to reliability on the water.

Trust the Professionals: ACE Yachting – Your Maintenance Partner

Entrusting your boat to professionals is not just a choice; it’s a smart investment in the longevity of your maritime asset. ACE Yachting, with a rich history of maintaining over 150 boats, boasts a team of seasoned experts specializing in motor boats, sailboats, catamarans, and luxury motor yachts. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and a customer-centric approach make us the go-to choice for boat owners seeking unparalleled maintenance services.

Why Choose ACE Yachting for Boat Maintenance

Experience Matters: With years of experience under our belt, ACE Yachting understands the unique needs of various boats. Our team has the expertise to handle everything from routine check-ups to intricate repairs, ensuring your boat is in top condition.

Comprehensive Service: We offer a comprehensive range of maintenance services tailored to different boat types. From engine diagnostics to hull inspections, our meticulous approach covers every aspect of your boat’s well-being.

Proven Track Record: Our portfolio of successfully maintained boats speaks for itself. Join a community of satisfied boat owners who have experienced the reliability and performance that come with ACE Yachting’s professional touch.

Marina Baotić – ACE Yachting Marina

Situated near Trogir, Croatia, Marina Baotić serves as the backdrop for our exceptional maintenance services. This premier marina, renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities and picturesque surroundings, aligns with our commitment to excellence. Together, ACE Yachting and Marina Baotić form a seamless partnership, ensuring that your boat receives top-tier maintenance in an environment that reflects the luxury it deserves.

Elevate Your Boating Experience with ACE Yachting

In the world of boat maintenance, trust matters. Choose ACE Yachting for a partnership that transcends the ordinary. Your boat deserves the best, and we are here to deliver excellence at every wave. Contact us today at ACE Yachting and experience the difference that professional boat maintenance can make.


ACE Yachting Maintenance Services


Services and maintenance of the engines, AC, Winches, generators etc. is performed by a skilled technical Team.

Engine & Generator

Maintenance / repair of main engine and generator: Annual maintenance and overhaul of main engines and generators will be performed on the yacht.

Electronics & Entertainment

Survey and calibration of the electronic instruments. Bilge and hatch indicators are maintained. The Internet, TV and music system is controlled by a highly qualified Technical Team.

We have strong and reliable relationships with leading naval and electronic navigation equipment suppliers in Croatia and worldwide to provide correct and top quality equipment.

Yacht hull and topsides

We work with high quality antifouling applications for the boats, all works are performed under supervision of an expert team. Gelcoat repairs, polishing and varnishing works are also to be done in top quality.

We provide a large selection of the highest quality materials and manufacturer brands for yacht owners to choose from.

Moving parts

Yacht equipment (anchor and deck winches, sails, water makers, life raft, fire extinguisher, gangway etc.) are taken off the boat carefully serviced, certified and installed back on the yacht.


Pumps maintenance, pipes, holding tank gray and black water tanks cleaning and services are performed.


Stainless polishing is performed by our cleaning and protection team and new stainless equipment or parts are replaced by original parts or manufactured by specialists.

Canvas and upholstery

New enclosures or a simple zipper repair, we provide canvas and upholstery services, fabrics are carefully chosen by specialists, tailored and installed with precise workmanship.

Teak works & Carpentry

A teak decking and the woodworks refit and control are made by best handymen for teak.

Yacht Cleaning & Protection

During winterizing and regular check and service period, we keep yachts clean and protected with our devoted cleaning & protection team.

We are using sustainable cleaning products for the marine industry.

Maintenance Control

Yacht maintenance and the quality of all phases of maintenance is carefully controlled and regularly reported to the yacht owner.

Buying a yacht for private purposes and need regular maintenance?

Owning a yacht for private purposes only can become sort of a small business.

ACE YACHTING team can assist you in operational, as well in financial aspects of owning a yacht; from dockage supervision to yearly maintenance, boat cleaning and legal procedures such as boat certification.

How does it work?

  • We charge a monthly fee to oversee, manage your boat, its maintenance, repairs and upkeep.
  • We visit your boat once a month, more often if required.
  • Each month will provide you with a detailed report and a short video highlighting any issues.
  • We will also check on the mooring lines and fenders, heaters and dehumidifiers.
  • We will then give you a competitive estimate for anything that needs doing.

How will we save you money and provide stress free yacht ownership?

  • Identifying problems early
  • Only doing work that is required
  • Using the best skilled labour
  • Obtaining highly competitive prices for the equipment and services we provide

Our 15 years of experience in yachting business and owning a yacht charter company, will secure you best technical support.

With our network of partners, you can use our good relationships in obtaining cheaper parts for your boat.

For further info or price quote, contact us today.

Tips for winter maintenance

Laying up your boat for the winter correctly can prevent untold problems when you come to use the boat again in the spring, so here are our top tips for winter maintenance.

  • Plan for and allow the time it takes – whether you are doing it over a weekend or a period of time, then allow plenty of time, as it will take longer!
  • Drain all the plumbing systems – water damage and freezing can have a huge impact on your yacht come Spring, so check all pipes, tanks, pumps and strainers are all completely drained.
  • Empty the holding tank and check your yachts manual on the best procedure to lay up your system heads.
  • Check the bilges and the water tanks.
  • Remove all your personal and housekeeping items from the boat, including cushions, bed linen and curtains, they can get damp and mouldy if left onboard over the winter.
  • Remove all loose electronics and battery powered items from the boat, such as torches etc.., these can become damaged by dampness and corrosion.
  • Wash down all surfaces and hardware.
  • Check all your onboard safety equipment is in good working order, e.g fire extinguishers and buoyancy aids.
  • Engine layup and Servicing and don’t forget the fuel tanks too!

Remember: The more winter maintenance you do now, the quicker you’ll be on the water come Spring! Of course if you don’t fancy doing all the above yourself or are pushed for time, then contact us, as ACE YACHTING can do all of it for you at very competitive prices.

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19:43 06 May 24
What a wonderful weekend we experienced with "ACE Yachting" in the hike & sail tour!!!Beautiful weather and sea, hidden and secret coves, with divine food and wine. We hiked through hidden and abandoned villages on the southern slope of the island of Brač. Thanks to the top crew on our sailboat. You fulfilled our dreams ❤️😘!
Tadej KaltnekarTadej Kaltnekar
13:48 27 Sep 23
Andrej UrsicAndrej Ursic
13:45 27 Sep 23
Excellent service, top reception. Very kind
Ken ReadKen Read
07:05 09 Sep 23
The personal and the boat was perfect,everything on the boat was perfectly in shape.Nice experience!
David ValovyDavid Valovy
06:47 09 Sep 23
Perfect service, perfect company, good condition of boats
Aidan BellAidan Bell
11:33 06 Sep 23
Great organisation, lovely boat and a fantastic skipper. A sunny trip around the islands
Jakob BuchingerJakob Buchinger
07:37 02 Sep 23
Filip SchubertFilip Schubert
06:37 02 Sep 23
Great time with Ace yachting. Helpful staff. Excellent holiday charter!!
Karolina DomarosKarolina Domaros
07:59 19 Aug 23
We had an amazing experience! Everything went very smooth and without any problems! Would highly recommend
Ingo WidowitzIngo Widowitz
06:38 19 Aug 23
Very very good service. Nice personel and the boats are in good conditions. 👍👍
Serena FioravantiSerena Fioravanti
08:02 05 Aug 23
Great vacation, definitely to repeat. All worked well. Good support from the agency and the staff. Thank you all!!!
Fredrik HammarströmFredrik Hammarström
06:33 22 Jul 23
Friendliest staff and best service we experienced during our stay in Croatia.
10:38 18 Jul 23
I charter for 12 years and this is really one of the best charter companies around split.Professional staff and helpful!Boats are in amazing shape!
Ivana JahodaIvana Jahoda
14:25 26 Jun 23
Best Charter so far.. Great staff, beautiful clean boats.. Just perfect! Keep up the good work guys 😉
Nicole MenhornNicole Menhorn
08:02 10 Jun 23
Had a really good experience with ACE Yachting. Very friendly and competent staff. The Catamaran we chartered was in great shape and the service was perfect.
Zoran JovanovićZoran Jovanović
16:54 03 Nov 22
ACE Yachting team. A wonderful team of young people, sea and sailing lovers, and, most important for us as users of ACE Yachting services, lovers of their work. They made our stay on their 15-meter sailboat unforgettable.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard our fleet of boats and making your holiday in Croatia an unforgettable one!

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