Boat shows bring together industry professionals, including boat builders, brokers, dealers, and suppliers. This fosters networking opportunities and helps build important business relationships.

Biograd Boat Show was traditionally held in Marina Kornati in Biograd, one of the three largest marinas on the Adriatic, from October 25. – October 29., 2023.
At the 25th Biograd Boat Show, all records were broken with the participation of over 400 exhibitors, the display of around 400 vessels up to 24 metres in length and the presentation of more than 40 premiere vessels.

This year, the Biograd Boat Show is also under the banner of “4-in-1 fair” – it has exhibition, congress, charter and B2B components: the Biograd Boat Show – exhibition fair, the 7th annual Croatian Nautical Days – congress fair, the 5th annual Croatian Charter Expo – charter fair, and the Biograd B2B business fair.

Why are boat shows important to us, as charter supplier, but also to your business or to you, as a consumer?

Access to Deals and Discounts

Boat shows offer special promotions, discounts, and financing options for boat purchases. This can make buying a boat more affordable for potential buyers. But, you can also enjoy great possibilities for water toys, clothes, boat spare parts and even great local food products.

Hands-On Experience

Boat shows allow attendees to test-drive or step aboard boats, which gives them a real feel for the boats they are interested in.

Entertainment and Fun

Beyond the educational and business aspects, boat shows often provide entertainment and fun activities for attendees, including water sports demonstrations, live music, and food vendors, making them enjoyable for the whole family.

The Biograd Boat Show also emphasises eco-friendly and sustainable practices in the boating industry, raising awareness about environmental protection and responsible boating.

We do hope that you enjoyed this amazing event, as we did.

We had a lot of good meetings with our partners from the yacht charter industry and also, we enjoyed all the benefits an event like this can provide.

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