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YACHT CLUB BAOTIĆ – Trogir, Craotia

With its prime location on the picturesque Adriatic coast, Marina Baotić is not only a hub for luxury boats, but also a gateway to lucrative business opportunities. Let’s explore some promising opportunities for business ventures in the yachting industry.

  • Boat Dealership

Thanks to the strategic location of Marina Baotić, boat trading can be a lucrative venture. The marina’s proximity to the Mediterranean Sea ensures a constant flow of enthusiasts and potential buyers.

We would like to build relationship with reputable boat manufacturers offering discerning clients a selection of new and used boats.

  • Yacht Maintenance and Management

The lure of owning a yacht often comes with the responsibility of maintaining and managing it. Offering comprehensive yacht maintenance and management services is another promising avenue. The maritime environment demands impeccable maintenance, and a company that can provide expert care and services will always find a demand. This is our core business and we are happy to say that the number of satisfied clients is rising after each year.

  • Private Yacht Maintenance

Many boat owners want personalized, attentive service for their private yachts. Offering customized maintenance for private yachts can be an excellent niche. It’s not just about maintenance, but also customized upgrades, repairs and regular upkeep. Our team is consisted of experience mariners, technicians, mechanics and subcontractors.

  • Yacht Marketing

In today’s digital age, marketing for yachts is critical. From listing services for yacht owners looking to charter their vessels to marketing brokerage services, a strong online presence can attract boat owners and enthusiasts from around the world. Tapping into this demand through digital marketing and advertising services can be a smart move and we can help with that.

We would be happy to have an informative talk or hear ideas from your side as well.

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